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Weren’t the Olympics and Paralympics amazing?!

I think it’s taken the whole country a while to come down from the excitement and euphoria the Games generated, everyone seemed to be so immersed in what was happening from one day to the next, and the closing ceremonies seemed to come round far too soon.

Anyway, it prompted me to think back to several months before the Games began, when the sense of anticipation was beginning to build (along with a few worries and the typical ‘it’ll be a catastrophe’ declarations of some cynics) and I was quite literally chomping at the bit.

As a former horse owner and a life-long lover of all things equine, I was over the moon when a client asked me to type up an interview with Lee Pearson, a (then) nine times Paralympics gold medal winner in dressage.

38-year-old Lee was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, a rare congenital disorder that develops before birth and manifests itself in limiting the range of motion of the joints in the arms and legs. “My right foot was wrapped round my left knee, my left foot was wrapped round my right knee, my arms and hands were horribly twisted,” is Lee’s own description of the extent to which AMC affected him. Yet despite his disability and the necessity of wearing hip-to-heel plastic splints on both legs, Lee has become one of the UK’s most successful sportsmen. During London 2012, Lee added another gold medal to his haul, along with a silver and bronze – amazing!

It’s such a pleasure when the subject I’m working on is something that is close to my heart, it hardly feels like work and yet I’m being paid – what more could I ask for! But more importantly, for clients who are thinking of using a VA, wouldn’t it be great if every piece of work is welcomed with enthusiasm? Working with a VA has the tendency to mean that every piece of work undertaken is ‘fresh’, so there’s no chance of a VA becoming bogged down with repetition and tedium – the very nature of working with different clients on different projects removes any sense of drudgery.

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