Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed?

Customer satisfaction guaranteedLet’s face it, us Brit’s aren’t the best at complaining, it’s just not something we feel comfortable doing.  So how do we know the service we offer is really hitting the mark?  How do we make sure we’re doing the best we possibly can for our customers and earning their loyalty and recommendation?

Surveys of course!  Yes you could use the old fashioned pen and paper method and send one out to all your clients.  But that would take up valuable time and resources and cost more than it would probably benefit.  So why not try an online survey instead?  What are the benefits of online surveys I hear you ask?

1) Well the main benefit of online surveys is that the vast majority of them are free to use for example Survey Monkey or Free Online Surveys.
2) Online surveys are faster with instant results.
3) More accuracy – there is a lot less room for area with an online survey.  You can just go back and amend your answers no horrible crossings out!
4) Not only is it easier for the customer but it’s easier for you to analyse the results as well.  It can be displayed in any form you like.
5) Online surveys are proven to be more honest.  Probably because it’s all done on the web so people can remain anonymous if they wish.

Surveys are an invaluable way of establishing how well you are doing and areas you could improve on.  You just have to make sure you’re using them right and getting the correct questions across.

What makes a good survey?  Here are our tips:-

1) What do you want to achieve from the survey?  What is your goal?
2) What data do you need to obtain to achieve your goal?
3) Make sure you don’t lead your client with your questions.
4) If you’re unsure always carry out a dry run of your survey first with family/friends.
5) Make sure you always collect the results and analyse the data.

Finally, have fun with it.  Surveys no longer have to be pages and pages of boring everyday questions.  Let your personality shine through.  After all that’s probably why your clients stick with you!

Happy surveying everyone!

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