Holiday Downtime – What to do!

DowntimeThe holiday season is almost upon us.  Whilst most of us love the thought of no more school runs, spending time with the family and enjoying the weather, good or bad, for small business owners it can be a time when business goes eerily quiet.  So what can we do to pass the time??  Go off on our own holiday.  Well yes that is one solution and a very attractive one I’m sure.    However, let’s face it there are lots of jobs we’ve all been putting off because we just ‘don’t have time or are too busy’ to do.

Here are our top tips for essential downtime jobs that you might have been putting off!

1. Declutter
So your desk is a mess, paper everywhere you can find everything you need easily or can you!  It’s a great opportunity to have a clearout.  Shred all the old stuff and organise yourself.  You’ll feel so much better once you’ve had a good sort out.  Healthy desk healthy mind!

2. Organise your Emails
You’ve sorted out your desk.  Now for the emails.  You’ve left everything in your inbox and it’s overflowing.  Downtime is a great opportunity to have a sort out.  Get everything you need to keep in folders and bin the rest!  Don’t forget to empty your deleted and sent items too.  If you’re not sure if you’ll need it, file it.  Always better to be safe than sorry.  Most importantly, make sure you back email up regularly!

3. Filing
Let’s face it, it’s not a job any of us like doing.  However, it can be strangely therapeutic.  Wading through mountains of paperwork and then filing it neatly away.  The satisfaction when you reach the end is well worth the mountain you climb to get there believe me!

4. Customer Satisfaction
Now would be a great time to see what your customers think of your service.  Send them a survey, ask them what they think.  Make them feel as if you listen to them.  More hints and tips on this can be found on my Customer Satisfaction Survey blog

5. Marketing Plan
Lastly but most importantly it’s a great chance to have a look at your business as a whole.  Step back and see how your brand is being received.  Are there any places you can make improvements?  Does your website need updating?  Are you keeping up to date with your social media and/or blogging?  Do you need to attract new business?  If so how can you go about it?

Just imagine the satisfaction you’ll get when you’ve completed your downtime tasks.  You’ll be able to look at your business with a new energy.  You’ll be prepared for the next influx of business and you’ll be glad you did all those jobs you’d been putting off.

Enjoy your summer everyone.  Let’s hope the weather is kind to us!

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