International Women’s Day – 8th March 2017


It’s often said that women are the stronger race and I believe this to be true. So, on 8th March 2017 I’ll be raising a glass and toasting International Women’s Day 2017. It’s an opportunity to not only celebrate our own achievements as women but also to reflect and think about the experiences of women worldwide and their fight to be seen, heard and more importantly to be valued and to feel safe in their own homes!

That might all sound run of the mill to you and me, however unfortunately in some parts of the world it is still but a dream for some and a fight they will never stop striving for! With this in mind I’d like to share a story with you that’s very close to my heart. The story of a community called The City of Women or Street of the Women Warriors as it is known locally.

Formed back in 1999 this remarkable community of women have joined together in a bid to survive. Most are victims of Columbia’s long and violent conflicts, but even in their darkest days these women have never given up fighting for what they believe in. They’ve learnt new skills including construction and to date have built over 102 homes with their own fair hands in a bid to keep themselves and their children safe and secure.

These women have overcome the most vicious of attacks and the loss of several of their community in their struggle to make the streets safer for their children. Now almost 20 years later they continue to teach the next generation to fight for their women’s rights! You can read the full heart-wrenching story of their struggle here which includes the most thought provoking podcast.

I for one will be enjoying a glass of fizz on 8th March not just for myself but for the huge community of women worldwide who fight every day just to survive.
Come on ladies, join me in celebrating the amazing ‘grit and determination’ of our national and international sisters!

Clinking champagne glasses

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