Digital transcription services for businesses

I can transcribe a huge range of audio and spoken material ranging from one-to-one interviews to multi-voiced focus research groups. The list is almost endless and if you don’t see what you need, I can probably do it. Just ask!

Some examples of the types of digital transcription I frequently do are listed below.

  • One-to-One interviews
  • Telephone interviews
  • Radio show interviews
  • University research interviews
  • Podcasts and webcasts
  • Manuscripts and memoirs
  • Building surveys, homebuyers surveys, schedule of condition
  • Police under caution interviews
  • Focus groups, round table and public meetings
  • Reports, general correspondence
  • Presentations
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Disciplinary Hearings and Tribunals
  • Conferences including Keynote Speeches and Teleconferences
  • Q&A sessions
  • Lectures and seminars
  • Risk surveys
  • Medico-legal reports
  • Insurance valuations
  • Copy typing

“I have used Nina for numerous research projects. I have always found the quality of the transcription to be very high and the transcripts have been returned to me with extraordinary speed. I would highly recommend Nina for her accurate, efficient and friendly service.”  Dr. Polly Radcliffe – Institute for Criminal Policy Research

“Nina provides us with quick turn-over, spot-on accuracy, prompt delivery, tailored to your needs, all at a great price. What more could you wish from a transcription service!”
Nick Awde – Journalist and Publisher, Bennett & Bloom/Desert Hearts Publishers

How a digital transcription service works

Digital equipment is preferred as it provides by far the best quality and is the most convenient to use. Digital audio can be uploaded directly to me via our secure upload page on this website. See the client area.

You can also send standard cassette tapes and CDs that will be converted to a digital audio format to be returned to you if required.

I can accept digital files in the formats such as WAV, DSS (the most highly compressed of file formats), MP3, WMA, DVF, VOX, etc. Once you have your audio file ready, simply upload via my secure website upload page.

I then transcribe your audio in the format specified by you and email back the completed document.

Simply get in touch and tell me what digital transcription you require

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